The Navy would like to borrow your binoculars, please (1941-1943)

“Binoculars are a necessity on the fighting ships of our Navy,” noted one small-town mayor in Moberly, Missouri in July, 1942. “Lookouts use them to keep a constant vigil for enemy ships, planes and submarines. The lives of our sailors, marines and transports of soldiers depend on them.”

See the poster advertisements below, and click here to read more about the military’s plea for optics — during both World Wars I & II — in this article.

No enemy sub will dare lift its eye

… if you lend your Zeiss or Bausch & Lomb binoculars to the Navy

Pack carefully, include your name and address: send to Naval Observatory, Washington DC.

Submarine’s periscope emerging from the sea, a ship sinking in flames in the distance. (Federal Art Project/WPA, between 1941 and 1943)

ww2-binoculars-No enemy sub will dare lift its eye


Your binoculars could prevent this

Loan your 6 x 30 or 7 x 50 Zeiss or Bausch and Lomb binoculars to your navy. Pack carefully and send to Naval Observatory, Washington, DC.



Visibility zero unless you lend your binoculars to the Navy



Bullseye! for binoculars loan

Loan today

Bullseye for binoculars loan ww2

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