The age of flight (1943)

You will measure distance by your watch

All else is secondary to the fight for life which this country is waging today. In that struggle, the airplane has changed our former concepts of fighting a war. How will it change our thinking in times of peace.

Right now the airplane is teaching us to think of distance in terms of hours and minutes instead of miles.

In the Age of Flight, the United States will no longer be thought of as “nearly 3000 miles across.” It will be “11 hours wide” — or less. Chicago and New York will be three hours apart.

No longer will your country appear to you as a pattern of states extending off into the far distance. Every section of it will be nearby your home. You will have 130 million close neighbors in the US alone.

Nearly all of the world’s population will be within 60 hours’ reach. Remote places will become familiar sights. You will make new acquaintances and develop new understanding of people in other parts of the earth.

Today, United Mainliners, maintaining regularly scheduled passenger, mail and express flights for soldiers, sailors and civilians, are providing service four times faster than the fastest surface transportation. After Victory, the airplane will be six times faster.

And along with this remarkable speed it will offer flexibility, because it moves in a three-dimensional world and can fly anywhere.

When the war is ended and Victory is won, all our years of flying experience will go into a new era of greatly expanded air travel for all… the coming Age of Flight.

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