Telephone & telegraph businesses need you! (1946)

Telephone and Telegraph Workers 1946 Vocational Guidance Films

Sometimes it’s hard to remember a time when the entire wealth of the world’s knowledge and up-to-date news and information wasn’t at our fingertips 24/7 like it is today.

Back in 1946, when the internet as we know it was still almost 50 years away, the then-modern telephone, telegraph and teletype services available were cutting-edge tech. Messages, stock market reports and even money could be sent over the wires crisscrossing the continent at the speed of light, and there was a person with their hand on every single scrap of info that went out.

This 1946 vocational guidance film gives us a little insight into the world of the telecommunications workers at the midpoint of the 20th century, from switchboard operators to engineers. – AJW

Telephone & Telegraph Workers 1946 vocational guidance films

Assembling/preparing a telegram

Assembling a telegram Telephone Telegraph Workers 1946 Vocational Guidance Films

Thomas Edison says electricity will cure everything (1914)

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