Pennsylvania Railroad’s great East-West Fleet (1941)


Spring weather can be mighty uncertain. But there’s nothing uncertain about Pennsylvania Railroad’s great East-West Fleet!

These fine modern trains always go … always get you there-365 days a year. And in what elegance and comfort you ride! In Pullman Lounges richly endowed with the smartest appointments — soft divans, murals, mirrors, radio, beverage bars. Even the Diners are like gay cafes! And you retire to real beds in the privacy of Roomettes, Duplex Rooms, Bedrooms, Compartments, Drawing Rooms, Master Rooms — or to modern Section Sleepers. If you go “Coach”, enjoy restful reclining seats. The cost? Pullman or Coach, very little, because FARES ARE LOW. So why chance the whim of weather…when this great East-West Fleet is better for you… all ways… all the time!

17 TRAINS DAILY between New York, Philadelphia and Chicago 7 TRAINS DAILY… between New York, Philadelphia and St. Louis Washington, Baltimore and St. Louis 10 TRAINS DAILY .. . between Washington, Baltimore and Chicago 40 TRAINS DAILY… between New York and Washington… Plus a fleet daily serving Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron, Cleveland, Detroit, Dayton, Louisville

Deluxe all-coach train NEW YORK-CHICAGO… 17 hours — Observation Car… Radio… Club Lounge… low-priced meals. Reserved individual reclining seat at no extra cost… attendants-all at low fares! Reclining-seat coaches on The Trail Blazer between Washington and Chicago, too; and on other trains to many cities.

100 years ago, did Nikola Tesla predict the iPad, Skype, mobile phones & more? (1915)

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