Long before there was “Got Milk?” there were more traditional ads touting the health and nutritional benefits of milk… for instance, this ad from 1939 or 1940. This one is special to me, though, because it features my own grandmother. (She’s the one at the top of the photo, putting the white doodad in her hair.) My grandmother didn’t appear as a model in too many ads, but I remain grateful that the era’s feminine hygiene product makers weren’t clients. There are some advertisements that just aren’t suitable for framing, even if they do feature a family member.

Science says you should have more pep if you follow the FEEL FIT program!

An idea which often helps people to maintain their vitality and freshness. (Are you still fresh when evening comes… or “all tuckered out?”)

Whatever you do during the day, you need a flow of vital energy. And people in normal good health, says science, can build up their energy by following the FEEL FIT program!

This simple idea costs little to try. It calls for no “dosing” or special exercises.

You see, milk is so rich in elements the body needs that it can benefit us in all of these ways…

Milk ad from 1930s

The FEEL FIT program is just this — With 2 meals every day, drink a full glass of good rich milk. (Lucerne Grade A, for example, is always pure — always richer than the law requires for Grade A milk.)

Ad for Lucerne Milk from Safeway

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