Looking at war through the Mimeograph (1943)

Looking at War

… through the Mimeograph keyhole

Whereever our fighting forces go, there goes also the Mimeograph duplicator. In remote jungle posts of the South Sea Islands, it rolls out crisp, clear, permanent copies of military orders. Eskimos and Icelanders know the Mimeograph duplicator. It travels on destroyers and battleships. It’s at work from Iran to Australia.

Just as it helps speed the movement of troops, flotillas and squadrons, it also helps speed thousands of intricate parts into planes, ships and tanks.

If you’re staggering under the load of increased paper work problems in your office or plant, with less help and greener help, perhaps from our pool of experience we can help you make further use of your Mimeograph duplicator in simplifying and streamlining some of your wartime operations.


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