American Flyer model trains with smoke (1946)

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American Flyer

See ’em puff smoke! Hear ’em “choo-choo”

First scale model trains with real smoke and realistic-sounding “choo-choo” — both synchronized with train speed.

Here — for the first time — are the trains every scale model railroader has wanted… trains that puff real smoke… trains that reproducing the throbbing “choo-choo” sounds of a giant locomotive.

But that’s not all. These thrilling new features are so realistic that both smoke and choo-choos vary in intensity with the speed of the train. Lazy wisps of smoke and slow, impatient choo-choos when your engine idles… a steadily-mounting volume of smoke and sound as it gains speed… long streamers of smoke and fast, furious choo-choos when your train is rolling along at 75. See — and hear — these sensational new American Flyer trains at your nearest department or toy stores.

Click here to see a larger version of this American Flyer model train ad!

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