1947 Oldsmobile: Away out ahead – automatically!

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Away out ahead — automatically!

One touch of your toe and you glide out ahead . . . smoothly, automatically . . . in the brilliant new Oldsmobile with GM Hydra-Matic Drive.

Stoplight to stoplight, city to city, you never shift gears, you never touch a clutch. There’s not even a clutch pedal in the car. You step on the gas . . . you steer . . . you step on the brake; Hydra-Matic Drive does all the rest . . . automatically!

And the new Oldsmobile is just as easy on the eyes as it is in the driving! Its smooth, tailored styling and tastefully appointed interiors are already setting the pace for next year’s cars — winning attention . . . winning admiration . . . automatically!


Shown: Series “66” Club Sedan, popular model of Oldsmobile’s lowest-priced line

Oldsmobile: A General Motors quality car

Listen to Henry J Taylor, on the air for GM twice weekly. See newspaper for time and station.

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