Uncle Wiggly & Friends book (1939 & 1955)

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Starting in 1910, and for more than three decades, Howard R Garis wrote “Uncle Wiggly” stories six days a week for The Newark News in New Jersey. He lived to see near 80 books based on his characters published in his lifetime.

The original “Uncle Wiggly and His Friends” book came out in 1939, and the edition of this popular children’s book featured below was published in 1955.

Uncle Wiggly & His Friends

by Howard R Garis

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Uncle Wiggly and the Barber

One day Uncle Wiggily Longears started out for a ride in his automobile. It had a turnip steering wheel that he could nibble on when he was hungry.

Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, the muskrat lady housekeeper asked: “Why are you taking your rheumatism crutch along, Uncle Wiggily? You won’t need it when you are in the automobile.”

“Oh, you never can tell,” answered the rabbit gentleman. “I might want to get out and walk for a while.”

So away went Uncle Wiggily in his auto, with the red, white and blue striped crutch, like a barber’s pole, on the seat beside him. The rabbit gentleman rode on and on, and pretty soon he came to a place where there was a little shop, made from corn-cobs. In front of the corn-cob shop was a nice monkey barber gentleman, and a little poodle dog.

The little poodle dog was singing this happy song:

“Barber, barber, shave a pig, I low many hairs will make a wig? Four and twenty—that’s enough, Give the barber a pinch of snuff.”

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