The Golden Gate Bridge pedestrian day (1937)

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My grandmother was 17 when the Golden Gate Bridge opened, and as a girl born and raised in San Francisco, naturally she and all of her friends were there to celebrate the event.

Before the bridge was opened to automobile traffic, it was “Pedestrian Day” — May 27, 1937, marked the start of the week-long “Golden Gate Bridge Fiesta” to celebrate the landmark’s completion. On that day, more than 200,000 people paid twenty-five cents each to walk the bridge. Below is a picture of her Golden (Gate) ticket from that memorable day in 1937, and a program from the week-long event.


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  1. I am the grandchild of Victor Wyman who was post Master general for Mission district in San Fransisco. I have aquired a post card of the GGB 1937 Panorama Scroll 6″x24″ when rolled out 6″x1.5″ when in a roll. It has all info for the construction of the bridge and a copy of the bridge panorma pic. 5″x 22″ . I have never seen another. I would like to know if it is rare of common ? It is in very good shape even the string to tie it is still in tact. It has never been mailed and has a 3c postage on it …..

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