LaSalle V-8 automobiles (1937)

The four-door touring sedan, in the LaSalle V-8 line

The modern streamline trend is much in evidence in this attractive body style, the four-door touring sedan, in the LaSalle V-8 line. High-crowned fenders, gracefully founded top and massive radiator combine to impart an appearance of fleetness.


Increased room in the LaSalle V-8 is not alone due to an added four inches in wheelbase. Seats are wider, leg and headroom augmented, largely due to the hypoid rear axle that permits a lower passenger compartment.


Seeking to demonstrate on the Indianapolis Speedway the endurance of the stock passenger car compared to the costly racing mounts of 35 years ago, Ralph DePalma took a LaSalle V8 over the 500-mile distance.


Running under 3-A sanction, as the Indianapolis Speedway prepared for its 25th 500-mile race, a stock LaSalle V-8 with ease eclipsed the record of the first event.


Heightened performance matches the beauty of this four-door touring sedan in LaSalle’s series of smart V8s. A four-inch increase in wheel base over 1936 is used appreciably to increase passenger comfort.

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