G-Men, Camelot, Monopoly & Highway Patrol games (1936)

1936 Parker Brothers Games

  • Monopoly: The greatest game craze every known. The improved white box set with removable bank, double supply special “Slip” money and gold-stamped Grand Hotels is the favorite medium-priced set.
  • Melvin Purvis’ G-Men: Latest game thrill for youngsters up to 90 years of age. Run down the “public enemy” — get your man!
  • Camelot: Famous and exciting battle game for men and boys. A hundred times more lively than checkers. A wonderful game! $1 to $5 a set.
  • Highway Patrol: The national safety game. Watch out! Don’t cut in! Drive your car properly and WIN.

Other famous Parker Games include Make a Million, Rook, Flinch, Touring, Sorry, Pigskin, Hendrik Van Loon’s Wide World game, etc.


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