Electrolux refrigerators are almost magical – freezes with heat (1935)

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Almost magical — it freezes with heat

Always different, always ahead in performance

Nine years ago, America was startled and delighted by the introduction of a totally new and different system of refrigeration — the Electrolux, wherein a tiny gas flame produced constant cold and cubes of ice silently and unfailingly. Now, as then, Electrolux is a marvel of science — different in basic principle from any other type of household refrigerator, surpassing in performance.

This new 1935 Electrolux was designed by women, for women. It’s a woman’s refrigerator, planned to bring sparkling new beauty into any kitchen. Electrolux looks to be what it is . . . the finest refrigerator you can own. But this is something you can see.

There are even more important and fundamental differences that you cannot see . . . differences that you will appreciate and enjoy from the very day you choose Electrolux. It has the simplest of all freezing methods. Electrolux operates with no moving parts . . . there is not a single piece of machinery in it. A tiny gas flame keeps the simple refrigerant in circulation . . . ordinary air cools it. This simplicity is the reason for the famous Electrolux efficiency. It permits a remarkably low cost of operation, keeps Electrolux permanently silent, gives fullest food protection, and eliminates depreciation due to moving parts.

See the new models at your gas company’s or local dealer’s display room. Your gas company not only recommends Electrolux, but stands ready to service every one it sells.

America’s great gas industry endorses the 1935 Electrolux

electrolux-refrigerator-1935 (1)

electrolux-refrigerator-1935 (2)

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