Bay Area folk see Oakland from clouds (1930)

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Bay Area folk see Oakland from clouds

Akron, Ohio, plane pilot takes tire men on air tour

More than two score residents of Oakland, Berkeley, and other Alameda county communities had the opportunity of seeing how this city looked from the air when the huge all-metal tri-motored Ford plane owned by the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company of Akron visited Oakland airport a few days ago.

With William McConnell, one of the outstanding aviators in the country, as chief pilot, and EJ Quigley his co-pilot, the big ‘tin goose’ swooped down onto the runway and was met by Jay Lepkos, head of the Tire Service Company of Oakland, Incorporated, Oakland Firestone distributor, as well as local newspaper men.

Those in the plane included Roy Alden of Los Angeles, Pat Leland, general manager of the Tire Service Company, San Francisco Firestone distributor; G McNeil, manager of the San Francisco Firestone factory branch; and Captain CW Peckham, head of the Akron Firestone factory’s airplane tire activities.

After McConnell “sat” the big Ford plane down, newspaper men, Firestone dealers and their guests were given rides over the city. In all four flights were made, with 12 passengers to the load. Several of the passengers had never been in the air before but upon their return to terra firma pronounced themselves as being aviation enthusiasts.

When the “good ship Firestone” left the Oakland airport it returned to Mills Field and headed for Sacramento, Medford, Portland, and Seattle the following day. From the Washington city, it will proceed eastward. Its destination is the factory at Akron, which will officially conclude a complete circuit of all the principal cities in the United States, Lepkos explained.

Tire men fly here

The Firestone flying bus greeted by Jay Lepkos, head of the Tire Service company of Oakland, are (left to right): Roy Alden of Los Angeles, Lepkos, G McNeil, manager of the San Francisco branch; EJ Quigley, co-pilot of the plane; Captain CW Peckham, head of Firestone Airplane tire activities; William McConnell, pilot, and Pat Leland, general manager of the Tire Service company, San Francisco, Firestone distributor.

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Top photo: A view of the Ford Trimotor plane with the team, including San Francisco Firestone dealer Pat Leland, his wife and daughter by the open door.

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