8 great gadgets to make home life easier (1931)

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This regular column in Popular Mechanics existed to highlight the latest household helps — from suggesting some clever ways to manage your laundry to showing off a bridge table that did almost everything but play the cards.
Easier ways of doing it

Bathrooms, bridge players, clothes, kiddie entertainment

  1. Glass and toothbrush are both kept in sanitary condition in this combination holder
  2. Just press button on bridge table, and hinged section rises, revealing cards, scorers, pencil tray and ash receiver
  3. Garment holder with knobs keeps clothes from stretching or falling off; the articles are easily slipped under the knobs; well-suited for bathing outfits, negligess and underwear
  4. Home talking picture show for children: Nursery rhymes are played on records and illustrated by pictures from non-inflammable film; the outfit works from lighting socket

Laundry, paper plates, needles & clothing measurements

  1. Stainless clothesline is easily connected in sections and needs no clothespins
  2. Paper plate on tray has compartments for different foods, saving use of dishes; is sanitary and convenient for parties and sick rooms
  3. Needles can be threaded in the dark with this holder that has metal prong
  4. Right, a handy chart enables quick and accurate recording of bust, waist and sleeve measurements of garments; photograph shows how set is used


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