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Every one when bendiug a Christmas gift desires it to appear as attractive as possible. When we receive a gift nicely wrapped with tissue paper and decorated with pretty Christmas seals, there is an added pleasure. This is especially so when wee realize that the sender has spent time and cleverness to give this little touch of personal thoughtfulness.

Click to see this Christmas gift coloring pageMany varieties of Christmas seals may be purchased, but a little originality will not come amiss even in these small details.

There are seals for the outside package and the heading to be used on the note paper, conveying the good wishes of the giver, or on the little card of greeting. These two in each set match. This gives another touch of the unusual, which is always sought after.

Have a piece of carbon paper, place it over the note paper, card or seal, and on top of this one of the designs. Carefully trace with a sharp pencil the entire outline. An exact duplicate of the design will be found on the note paper or seal ready for tinting. This may be easily done with water colors or wax crayons. Poinsettia should be coloied a warm, bright red, with yellow centers and dark green stems.

Holly, the special emblem of this season, has berries of vivid, fiery red and glossy leaves of dark green.

A dainty basket of forget-me-nots would be pretty colored yellow, the flowers a faint light blue and the bow knot of pale pink. Now we have the mystic sign of the holidays borrowed from the Druids: the mistletoe. The berries of this plant are a pearly white and the leaves a yellowish green.

Spend a little extra time giving the Christmas gift this novel decoration, and the pleasure it affords will never cause you to regret having done so.

Economy is to be considered at Christmas time. Our purse-strings have been stretched to the breaking point purchasing gifts for relatives and friends. To put this fascinating bit of handiwork upon the Christmas package costs comparatively nothing, aside from the time you spend doing it. This fact counts very little when we add to the enjoyment of others.

These few suggestions will probably cause endless ideas for the Christmas package to present themselves to you. Make your gifts radiate the holiday spirit; give this little bit of personality and attractiveness to as small a thing as the Christmas seal.

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Source publication date: 15 December 1921

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