Pistachio parfait

This is quite a company dessert.

Boil one cupful of sugar and a quarter of a cupful of water, without stirring, until it spins a thread when dropped from the tip of the spoon.

Pour slowly, while stirring constantly, on the beaten whites of three eggs, and continue beating until cold. Flavor with a tablespoonful of vanilla extract and a teaspoonful of almond extract. Color a pint of stiffly whipped cream a delicate green and combine with the first mixture.

Fold in half a cupful of finely-chopped pistachio nuts and freeze in a water-tight mold, buried in ice and rock salt for four hours.

Frozen Plum Pudding

Scald one pint of milk with a pinch of salt and stir in two ounces of unsweetened chocolate, finely shaved. Cook over hot water until the chocolate is melted, and stir in the yolks of three eggs beaten with a small cupful of sugar. Cook, stirring constantly, until quite thick. (Do not boil.)

Remove from the fire, flavor with a teaspoonful of vanilla extract, and when cold, fold in half a pint of chilled double cream whipped solid.

Freeze slowly, and when the mixture begins to congeal, stir in a cupful of mixed seeded raisins and currants boiled until plump and drained, shredded citron, chopped candied cherries and candied orange peel — the latter ingredient soaked overnight in Maraschino cordial to cover.

Continue to freeze until firm and smooth and repack in a melon mold. Bury in ice and rock salt until ready to serve.

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Source publication: New-York Tribune

Source publication date: December 18, 1921

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