To serve six persons Dutch potatoes, about two pounds of potatoes, one pound of frankfurters and four to six thin slices of bacon will be sufficient, and will cost 45 cents to 50 cents. The small Vienna sausages are the best for this purpose. The thrifty will, of course, also add the potato “cores” to the dish, and those who know good combinations will serve mustard pickle, French mustard or, best of all, a little horseradish as an accompaniment.

Dutch Potatoes

Peel thinly medium-sized potatoes, and with an apple corer, remove the center from each one. Have ready as many small frankfurter sausages as you have potatoes, and draw one through each center. Place them in a baking dish and lay a thin strip of bacon on each potato. Pepper lightly, add three or four tablespoonfuls of hot water or milk, and bake until the potatoes are tender (about an hour), basting occasionally with the drippings and a little hot water.

– E R H, Perth Amboy, N J

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Source publication: New-York Tribune (New York, NY)

Source publication date: November 06, 1921

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