Cocoa milk shake

For an individual drink, put into a tall glass two tablespoonsful of cracked ice, two tablespoonsful of thick cocoa syrup, two tablespoonsful of slightly sweetened whipped cream, three-quarters of a cupful of chilled milk and a quarter of a cupful of iced soda water or Apollinaris water. Shake well before serving. The cocoa syrup is made by cooking together three generous tablespoonsful of powdered cocoa, one cupful of boiiing water and two small cupsful of sugar for three minutes, then cool and add a teaspoonful of vanilla extract. Keep in a cold place.

Egg milk punch recipe

One egg will make two punches. Beat the yolks and whites separarely and add to the yolks a few grains of salt and one and one-half tablespoonsful of sugar. Divide this equally between two iced tea glasses and add to each glass a cupful of chilled milk, a tiny pinch of ground cinnamon, a light dusting of nutmeg, two tabletspoonfuls of cracked ice and sufficient carbonated water to fill up the glass. Mix well before serving.

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Source publication: New-York Tribune

Source publication date: May 16, 1920

Notes: Recipes for Milk Mixtures

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