Chocolate pecan pralines

Place in a graniteware saucepan two cupfuls of granulated sugar, one cupful of shaved maple sugar, and one cupful of cream. Boil to the soft ball stage (240 degrees) and add two squares of unsweetened chocolate, finely shaved.

Caramelize a cupful of sugar and add just enough boiling, strained coffee to make the caramel a thick liquid. Combine the two mixtures, let boil up once, remove from the fire and stir in three cupfuls of broken pecan meats. When cold enough to hold its shape, drop by the spoonful onto a marble slab and press a nut meat in the center of each.

Chocolate Turkish paste

Let three tablespoonfuls of granulated gelatine stand in half a cupful of cold water until it has absorbed the water. Cook two cupfuls of sugar and two-thirds of a cupful of water until the sugar is dissolved and the syrup boiling, then add the gelatine and cook for twenty minutes. Add one teaspoonful of ground cinnamon, two squares of unsweetened chocolate, melted over hot water, and beat all together, cooking for a couple of minutes longer.

Remove from the fire, add one teaspoonful of vanilla extract and a cupful of chopped candied fruits. Let stand until well-thickened and turn into a shallow ungreased pan. Let stand until the next day, cut in squares, and roll in confectioner’s sugar.

This is sometimes called plum pudding candy.

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Source publication: New-York Tribune

Source publication date: December 18, 1921

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