China to study US economy, industry (1921)

WWI USS. Huron US Navy - Peking China, 1922

Chinese seek ideas here

Mission to study American economics and industries

Chu Chi Chen, former Premier of China, head of the mission which has just arrived in this country, said yesterday at the Waldorf-Astoria, where he is staying, that the object of the mission is to study economic and industrial conditions here with a view to making China industrially independent. The mission will visit President Harding.

China, he explained, has ample natural resources but lacks industrial and economic organization.

“Geologists have declared,” said Mr Chu, “that the deposits of coal in the Province of Shanghai alone could supply the entire world for a hundred years.”

Mr Chu is President of the largest coal company in China, the Chunghain Coal and Mining Company of Shantung and of the Kai Yuan Lan Reclamation Company of Tientsin.

Besides being Premier of China, he has been Minister of the Interior and Minister of Communications. He organized the National Museum with a remarkable collection of art objects which had belonged to the former imperial family and reorganized the police forces in the principal cities.

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