Yuletide cookies

For the Christmas goodies, we are particularly anxious to have them attractive to the eye as well as tasty to the palate.

Paris sticks

Take three cupfuls of chopped almonds, two and one-half cupfuls of pulverized sugar, the whites of five eggs beaten stiff, the grated rind of two lemons. Mix the ingredients and roll out on powdered sugar. Cut into strips an inch wide and bake in paraffined [wax paper] lined pans in a slow oven.

Filled cookie recipe

Prepare a rich cookie dough, roll out very thin and cut with a cookie cutter. Put two of these thinly-rolled cookies together with the following filling: Take a cupful of raisins, finely-chopped, the juice and rind of half a lemon, one tablespoonful of flour and one-third to one half a cupful of water. Mix the flour and water, add to the other ingredients and cook until smooth and thick, adding a teaspoonful of butter just before taking from the fire. Beat until cool, then heap a spoonful of this filling on a cookie, cover with another cookie, and when all are filled, bake in a moderate oven. Sprinkle the cookies with granulated sugar or with chopped nuts, if desired, before baking.

Coffee cookies

Beat two eggs with a cupful of sugar until very light, add four tablespoonfuls of shortening (bacon fat may be used for this recipe), add one cupful of strong, warm coffee and three cupfuls of flour sifted with two teaspoonfuls of baking powder. Roll quickly, cut with a large cutter and bake in a moderate oven until well-browned.

Grandmother’s cookie recipe

Take one cupful of unsalted butter, cream it with one cupful of granulated sugar using a wooden spoon. Add one cupful of sour cream, one cupful of New Orleans molasses and stir until smooth. Add one-half teaspoonful of cinnamon, one-quarter teaspoonful each of allspice and nutmeg, one-half teaspoonful of salt and two teaspoonfuls of soda to the flour. Use as little flour as possible. Chill the mixture first, which will aid in the rolling out. Pat one-third of an inch in thickness and cut out with a large cutter, five inches in diameter. Place on tins and bake in a moderate oven with the greatest care. They are a luxury, but are worth the cost.

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Source publication date: December 14, 1922

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