Christmas cakes and candies

What would Christmas be to the children — or even the grownups — without some of the special cakes and good things appropriate to the holiday season?

Nut Patties

Boil together four teaspoonsfuls of vinegar and two cupfuls of brown sugar. Cook until the mixture becomes brittle when dropped into cold water. Grease gem pans with butter and cover the bottoms thickly with broken nut meats. Add to syrup one teaspoonful of soda, beat well and pour over the nuts. When cold and hard, remove from the molds and wrap in paraffin paper.

Marshmallow recipe

Soak two tablespoonsful of gelatin in one cupful of cold water for half an hour. Cook together two cupfuls of sugar with one half cupful of water until brittle when dropped into cold water. Pour the boiling syrup over the soaked gelatin, boiling constantly. Add the mixture to stiffly-beaten white of an egg, flavor with rose or mint and beat until very stiff. Pour the marshmallow mixture into a pan well-dusted with a mixture of cornstarch and powdered sugar. Cool, then cut in squares.

Honey molasses kisses

To one cupful of molasses, add three tablespoonsfuls of honey, two tablespoonsfuls 0f sugar, one tablespoonful of corn syrup, and two tablespoonsfuls of butter with one-third of a cupful of water. Stir until well-mixed, then boil to a hard ball, turn out on a greased platter, and when cool enough, pull. Cut in inch lengths with the shears and wrap the pieces in waxed paper.

Recipes by Nellie Maxwell

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Source publication: The Lehi Sun (Lehi, Utah)

Source publication date: December 14, 1922

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