Yorkshire pudding

This is a famous Christmas dish in England, and always accompanies the lordly “holiday roast.”

Fifteen or twenty minutes before the roast is done, skim six tablespoonfuls of fat from the gravy in the pan, put into a smaller baking pan and set in the oven.

Have ready the following batter: Sift one teaspoonful of salt and one of baking powder twice with two cupsful of flour. Beat two eggs lightly, and a scant two cupsful of milk; turn gradually into the sifted flour and beat quickly. Set the pan containing the hot fat on the upper shelf of the oven, and when it begins to bubble, turn in the batter and cook in a hot oven to a rich brown.

This is a better and easier method of cooking the pudding than under the meat, and it allows of the making of a good brown gravy, which the other method did not.


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Source publication: New-York Tribune

Source publication date: December 22, 1918

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