World’s largest vessel, the Titanic, being built (1910)

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The world’s largest vessel, the Titanic, now being built

Here is an architectural picture of the steamship Titanic, which is being built for the White Star line at Belfast; also a view of the giant steel “cradle” in which the ship is being constructed.

The keel of the steamship is seen in the lower photograph. The White Star company is to have two of these leviathans, and they will be in commission early in 1911. Their launching will signalize a most important era in marine achievement, for they will be, by all odds, the largest vessels in the world.

The Titanic and Olympic will each be 800 feet in length, 92 feet beam, 45,000 tons register and 60,000 tons displacement. These enormous dimensions are best expressed in comparisons. The Washington Monument is 555 feet high, and the Metropolitan Tower in New York city rises 700 feet.

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The combined tonnage of the Olympic and Titanic far exceeds the tonnage of all the vessels engaged on both sides in the historic conflict of the Spanish armada, and it is even more interesting to know that the Santa Maria was only 60 feet long and 233 tons burden, yet on this vessel, Columbus journeyed to the new world.

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