Queen Victoria’s soup (her late majesty’s favorite soup)

Skin and entirely clean out the insides of three fat fowls or chickens, according to the season; let them be well-washed in warm water; put them into a pan for an hour, covered with strong veal broth, and add a good sized bunch of parsley.

Take the crumbs of two French rolls and soak them in the liquor; cut the meat off, take away the skin and pound the flesh in a mortar, adding the soaked crumbs and the yolks of four hard boiled eggs; force this through a coarse sieve and put it into a quart of cream that has been previously boiled; rewarm for table.

Queen Victoria’s soup (No. 2)

Three pints of stock from a boiled fowl and part of the meat, one hard boiled egg, one teaspoon of ground almonds, two dessert spoons of corn flour, half a pint of milk.

Boil the bones with all sorts of flavoring vegetables and strain it. Remove ail the meat from bones and chop small. Put the yolks of egg through a sieve and chop the white small; add this to the meat of the chicken. Put yolk into a basin, add to it the almonds and corn flour and mix with the milk; add these to the stock when hot and stir all till boiling: boil three minutes. When corn flour is cooked, draw pan to side of fire; add the chopped chicken and egg and let it stand by side of fire for a few minutes to heat the chicken, but don’t let it boil. Serve very hot.

Recipes from Mrs Marie Wright, 1378 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco

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Source publication: The San Francisco Call

Source publication date: October 20, 1912

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