Two million miles of highway (1913)

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Highways of US 2,000,000 miles

Plans for national roads made extensive by national association

Campaign for better conditions being pushed by large concern

There are more than 2,000,000 miles of highways in the United States, according to a bulletin of the National Highway association, which continues to say that of these miles, not one truly can be called a national highway.

To propose the building of 50,000 miles of highways is but proposing to build a little more than two percent of the total road mileage of this country. France has 40,000 miles of national roads, or 10 percent of the total mileage.

The National Highway association was formed by men interested in the subject of good roads in general and national highways in particular. The association has worked out a tentative plan for a series of national highways which cross and recross the United States and designed to furnish the maximum of convenience and utility, while serving the largest possible proportion of territory through which the highway passes. The highways have been located by experienced road engineers.

At the present time the association’s engineers are correcting and coordinating the present scheme. Letters have been sent all over the country asking for opinions.

It is the desire of the National Highways association to emphasize the fact that these highways are proposed only that a start may be made in the endeavor to secure for this country the good road benefits it needs if its development is not to fall behind that of other nations.


Photo: Klamath Basin Project at Lost River near intersection of State Highway 140 & Hill Road, Klamath Falls, Oregon (April 10, 1913)

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