Italian chestnut pudding

Boil a pound of large Italian chestnuts, peel them and put through a vegetable press. Moisten them with a couple of tablespoons of sherry, after you have heaped the powdered chestnuts in a shallow dish. Put whipped cream, a little sweetened, over and around them, and garnish with whole chestnuts or maraschino cherries.

Chestnut pudding

Beat four eggs light, the yolks and whites separately. To the beaten yolks, add a cup of boiled chestnuts which you have put through a vegetable press. Add to this a tablespoon of melted butter and two tablespoons cracker crumbs, crushed very fine, one tablespoon sugar, two cups milk, a little salt. All the whipped whites, turn into a pudding dish and bake to a delicate brown. Serve at once, as it soon falls, and eat it with a liquid sauce, well sweetened and flavored with sherry.

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Source publication: The Ogden Standard (Ogden City, Utah)

Source publication date: October 28, 1913

Filed under: 1910s, Dessert recipes

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