Tom Mix’s stunts in Mr Logan, USA (1919)

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Some roll

Tom Mix made a daring ride on his horse Tony, down a 200 foot embankment for a scene in his latest William Fox photoplay, “Mr Logan, USA,” which will be shown at the Liberty Theatre tonight.

To say that Tom made the ride would not be altogether true. Tom made only 150 feet of the ride and completed the other 50 feet by rolling.

It was indeed a daring stunt and even the camera man, J D Jennings, was shaky as Tom’s horse felt his way down the steep incline. Tony was very careful, however, and carried Tom along in safety until within 50 feet of the bottom of the hill, he stumbled on some brush.

Knowing horse that Tony is, he turned slightly, and as he fell, threw Tom upward toward the bank. There was nothing to save either of them, however, and they rolled and rolled until they could roll no more — and strange to say, Tom stopped rolling alongside of Tony.

Evidently Tom never lost his wits, because he threw his leg over the saddle and grabbed the pommel as Tony started to his feet.

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