Story in picture of how wireless waked the midnight sea

Although the steamer Titanic sank before help arrived, one of the most remarkable features of the disaster was how the great liner’s dying call for help by wireless telegraphy awakened the midnight sea. “S. O. S.” (Send out Succor) flashed out over the silent wastes shortly before 11 o’clock.

Every few minutes, the air waves carried “S. O. S.” until 12:17, when it stopped. But in that hour and a half, the cry for help was picked up by a dozen ships — ships that turned from their courses and sped under forced draught to the spot in old ocean where grim tragedy was at work. The picture illustrates how the sea responded:

>> Wireless hero died right after Titanic sank (1912)


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Source publication: The Day Book. (Chicago, Ill.)

Source publication date: April 17, 1912

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