Time to introduce American cars to Europe (1911)

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Auto industry held back by high prices

Noted German says time is ripe for introduction of American cars

How foreign engineers and motorists look upon the best products of automobile factories in this country is revealed in a significant manner by a statement of J W Cassell, a man of recognized standing in the engineering profession in Germany. Cassell is one of the many Europeans who displayed unusual interest in the recent Madison Square Garden show.

“It is recognized that the motor car industry in Europe is not what it should be,” declared Cassell. “The handicap comes from the fact that prices are too high. The tendency among automobile manufacturers has been to build many models and only a few of each model. That policy is not economical. The prices accordingly have to be raised.

“That is why I say the time is ripe for the introduction of American cars. With these in Europe, there will be a big increase in demand. The United States is the typical country to sell automobiles to Europeans. This country has not been getting its proportionate share of the business. It should be selling more cars in every European nation than any other country.

“The American automobile manufacturer leads the world. He has the building of motor cars down to a science. He has shown Europe the way. He has a chance to profit from his superior wisdom along this line before the Europeans realize fully the mistakes that they have made. While demanding cars at a reasonable price the people abroad will not stand for an inferior product. This is especially true of Germans, who are known for their hard-headed business ways.

“Europeans will not buy automobiles blindly. They insist on getting value for the money they pay — just as when buying anything else they need.”

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