Through the water at fifty-seven miles an hour (1913)

Through the water at fifty-seven miles an hour

A striking picture of the world’s greatest speed achievement in motor boats

Here is one of the most wonderful pictures ever taken of a motor boat race.

Aside from its pictorial value, the greatest interest is centered in the fact that the leading boat is traveling at the rate of 57 miles an hour, breaking all water records for speed, and going at a pace that would be considered extremely fast for an automobile or an express train.

This picture was taken off Cowes, England, during the race less than a month ago for the international motor boat trophy.

While marvelous progress has been going on in the development of air craft and automobiles, the boat builders have not been idle, and in the production of Maple Leaf IV they have brought out a gasoline engine propelled boat that probably will hold the speed record on the water for some time to come.

The other boats in the picture are: No. 2, Crusader, also a British built boat; No. 3, Izme, representing France, and last, but not least, as she held a good position in all three trials for the cup, the Ankle Deep, from the United States.

As 57 miles an hour was Maple Leaf’s average speed over a course of 30 knots, including turns, it is estimated that at times she far exceeded a mile a minute rate.


Photo 2: Ankle Deep

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