The President’s Cake

Cakes and puddings which contain fruits and spices are best made some time before needed, as the flavor is much better if they are allowed to season, well-wrapped to keep from drying.

Most people will feel that this is too expensive a cake for ordinary occasions, but the holiday time or the event of a wedding will warrant a little extravagance.

The ingredients are as follows: A pound of butter, sugar browned, flour sifted, 12 eggs, five pounds of seeded raisins, one and a half pounds of citrons (shredded), one glass of grape jelly, two teaspoonfuls of melted chocolate, one pound of candled cherries, one pound of candied pineapple, one pound of blanched almonds cut fine, one pound of pecans cut fine, one tablespoonful of cinnamon, one of nutmeg, half a tablespoonful of allspice, a teaspoonful of cloves, one glass of grape juice and two teaspoonfuls of rosewater.

Soak the almonds overnight in the rosewater, and the fruit in the grape juice for the same length of time. Cream the butter, add the sugar, then the well-beaten yolks of the eggs, then the spices, jelly and chocolate. Next, add the beaten whites and part of the flour. Roll the fruit in the rest of the flour, adding it in small quantities and mixing it well. Add the nuts last. Bake or steam for four to six hours in small or large molds. If steamed, dry off in the oven slowly for an hour.

– From Nellie Maxwell

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Source publication: The North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune (North Platte, Neb.)

Source publication date: December 30, 1913

Notes: Christmas Cakes

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