Ripe raspberries! New ways to prepare them

by Caroline Coe

The following recipe has been used many generations in an old Southern home, and the preserves are considered the finest in the country. The “old mammy” told me, “You all have to pick the berries fresh — mind now, not to pick them just after a rain.”

We who are not fortunate enough to be able to pick our berries from the bushes must be able to “pick” firm, dry ones from the market or grocery. If we follow mammy’s advice, we will not wash the berries.

Taylor’s raspberry preserves

Heat the jars to be used, either by steaming them or by placing them in the oven on several thicknesses of paper or cloth. When very hot, wrap jar with cloth wrung from hot water and fill the jar with raspberries. Turn in as much boiling water as the can will hold, seal and let stand ten minutes. Then take off covers and place a strainer or cloth over top of can. Drain off all the water and fill can with very heavy boiling hot syrup and seal. Wrap can with brown paper to preserve color. Set away in a cool, dry place.

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Source publication: The Day Book (Chicago, Ill.)

Source publication date: July 09, 1915

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