Spaghetti timbales

Boil a quarter of a pound of spaghetti in boiling salted water. Do not break it, but slide it gradually into the pan, holding it in the hands until it softens. Boil until tender but do not lose its shape, then drain and blanch in cold water and spread it out at full length to cool.

Butter some small molds well and line them with the spaghetti, beginning at the middle of the bottom and coiling the spaghetti up the sides. Fill the centers with any desired custard and nut mixture, cover with buttered paper and steam for half an hour.

Turn out and serve with tomato sauce.

– Nellie Maxwell

About this story

Source publication: The Beaver Herald (Beaver, Oklahoma)

Source publication date: October 11, 1917

Filed under: 1910s, Side dish recipes

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