Scotch eggs

Remove the shells of some hard boiled eggs and cover them with sausage meat or a forcemeat consisting of breadcrumbs pounded together with shredded ham and a boned anchovy and moistened with part of a beaten egg –the remainder of the egg being used to dip the hard-boiled eggs in before applying the forcemeat.

They should then again be dipped in egg, rolled in cracker crumbs and fried in deep fat. When brown, serve on watercress or lettuce leaves. Ham and veal make an excellent forcemeat.

Tomato sauce may be served with the eggs. Fried sausage wrapped in a covering of potatoes mashed and lightly beaten up with a little milk, butter, pepper and salt, and baked till brown in the oven will prove a prime favorite.

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Source publication: Los Angeles Herald

Source publication date: December 18, 1910

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