Peach Cobbler

Fill a baking dish three quarters full of ripe, peeled peaches. Sweeten. Have no bottom crust, but cover with a crust that has slits or pricks to let out the air and is twice as thick as pie crust. If you wish to avoid using flour, sub stitute the beaten white of two eggs, to which a tablespoon of sugar has been added. When this is done, bake peaches half an hour before adding beaten egg and fifteen minutes after. Serve hot with cream or rich milk.

Peach Jam

Use the peaches that are not pretty enough to can. Put the fruit in a preserving kettle, and as it comes to a boil crush it with potato masher. If it is hard put it through a meat cutter. When it begins to boil well, add either as much sugar as pulp or three quarters as much, according to how thick you want it. Stir with a wooden spoon. Boil until the peaches begin to look clear, but no longer, or the peaches will lose their fresh flavor and light color. Peach butter is peach jam forced through a potato ricer or cooked a long time.

Pickled Peaches

Ingredients: One-half peck peaches, 2 pounds sugar, pint vinegar, 1 ounce stick cinnamon, cloves. Boil sugar, vinegar and cinnamon 20 minutes. Dip peaches quickly in hot water and rub off the fuzz with a brush. Put into syrup and cook until soft. Put into jars and seal.

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Source publication: The Commoner - Lincoln, Nebraska

Source publication date: 1 July 1918

Notes: The Home Department - Requested recipes

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