Quick ways to spruce up with paint (1910)

Paints and varnish

In every household, there should be a can or pail of varnish, with a good brush or brushes — and every woman should learn to use them.

There are many times, a few minutes of leisure, in which the house wife can touch up some shabby piece of furniture, or old trunk, suitcase, valise, or other traveling conveniences — making them look as good as new. Old, rusty pails, tin boxes, or smooth pine boxes are all the better for a coating. Baskets, too, may be varnished, and old chairs, clothes baskets, water pails, japanned trays, flour pots, brackets of all kinds, and the thousand and one things that get shabby with time, no matter how well taken care of they may be.

The inevitable fall house cleaning is near at hand, and nothing does as much good as a coating of paint, followed by a smooth flow of varnish.

The handling of the paint brush is not harder work than the wielding of the scrub brush, and every woman can soon get the “hang” of it. Ready-mixed paints of all colors and shades can be had in large or small quantities, and the furniture or floor varnishes and polishes are easily applied.

Now is a good time to remember the can of paint and the brush, and if you are forgetful, just put it down on the list of “things needed” that you carry with you to the store, next time you go.