Use of high-priced foods: Peanuts yield nourishment

by Biddy Bye

Peanuts are a concentrated food and are used to the best advantage when served with some bulky food. As an article of diet, they may have place in any course of a menu. They may be served with soup, bread, vegetables, salad, meat stuffings or desserts, and they make the most delicious and acceptable of all substitutes for meat in the luncheon basket, or as part of the light refreshments served at social affairs.

Peanut butter recipe

With the aid of a meat grinder, the housewife can make peanut butter at home. Rub the skins from well-roasted nuts and shake the nuts in a sieve to screen out the bitter hearts or small germ centers. Screw the finest plate on the grinder and tighten the crank and turn quite hard. Run the pulp through the grinder two or three times. Salt the butter if desired and add to it a little olive or peanut oil. Pack in a sterilized crock and cover with oiled paper.

The flavor of the butter will be improved if a handful of Brazil nuts is ground with the peanuts.

Peanut puree soup recipe

Into a double boiler, put one quart milk mixed with one cup peanut but ter. Season with pepper and salt, one bay leaf, one tablespoon celery leaves and one tablespoon onion juice. Dissolve one tablespoon corn starch in a little cold milk and stir into the hot mixture. When the soup thickens, rub through a sieve, reheat and serve with croutons.

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Source publication: The Day Book (Chicago, Ill.)

Source publication date: December 22, 1916

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