At least four of these 10 mailing rules still apply today (1, 2, 3 and 14) — a couple more if you factor in inflation.

Package mailing don’ts for Christmas

  1. Don’t do up a parcel in such poor wrapping paper or in such a flimsy manner that the wrapper may he easily torn and separated from the contents.
  2. Don’t fail to put your name and address preceded by the word “from” on the upper left-hand corner of every piece of mail.
  3. Don’t fail to give full address street and number (or box), town, city, county, and state of destination.
  4. Don’t forget that many of the drug stores in the residence districts are postal stations, where stamps and money orders are sold, mail is weighed, letters and packages are registered, and postal information given.
  5. Don’t mail a parcel without previously weighing it to ascertain the amount of postage required: printed matter, 1 cent for two ounces; merchandise, 1 cent for one ounce; limit four pounds.
  6. Don’t place handkerchiefs, neckties, or other articles of merchandise in packages of printed matter, unless you prefer to pay the higher rate of postage on the whole.
  7. Don’t seal or wrap parcels in such a manner that their contents may not be easily examined, unless you desire to pay letter rates of postage.
  8. Don’t use 1-cent and 2-cent stamps for postage on heavy packages. Use the large denominations. It saves you trouble affixing them, and saves time and work in the postoffice.
  9. Don’t lay packages on the street letter boxes, for they may never reach the post office. Package boxes are provided at convenient places, with convenient collections.
  10. Don’t fail to register valuable letters and packages. The government insures their safe delivery, and the extra cost is 5 cents.
  11. Don’t mail sealed packages of merchandise to Canada and Mexico. The rates for unsealed packages to these countries are the same as in the United States, namely, 1 cent per ounce.
  12. Don’t mail parcels of merchandise to other countries without making special inquiry regarding the regulations governing parcels post.
  13. Don’t mail jewelry and coins to foreign countries. They are positively prohibited from the mails.
  14. Don’t forget to mail parcels early. Don’t expect the post office to transmit and deliver Christmas parcels within the same number of days or hours as at other times. Allowance of from one to three days’ extra time should be made.


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