National Cash Register: Your store’s customers (1912)

The National Cash Register company was started in 1884, and was one of the first such companies. They have also been one of the most successful — NCR, as they’re now known, is now a multi-billion dollar company, and employs 21,000 people. While cash registers are still an important part of their business, they also make ATMs and airline check-in machines, among other tech devices.

Here’s one of NCR’s ads from 1912, touting the benefits of using a cash register versus the old-fashioned cash box and handwritten receipt method many merchants still used. – NJP

A customer leaving your store must have done one of 5 things

  1. Bought goods for cash
  2. Bought goods on credit
  3. Paid money on account
  4. Collected money
  5. Changed a coin or a bill

National Cash Register ad (1912)

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