Movie Tarzans through the years (1955)

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Tarzans, from the first in 1918 to the present
  • Elmo Lincoln
  • Gene Polar
  • P Dempsey Tabler
  • James N Pierce
  • Frank Merrill
  • Buster Crabbe
  • Herman Brix
  • Glenn Morris
  • Johnny Weissmuller
  • Lex Barker
  • Gordon Scott

by Hollis Alpert

Bread and butter pictures: That’s what they call the ones, like the Tarzan, Francis, and Kettle series, that pack the house year after year — and sell out the popcorn, too

In my household, there are twin boys, age eleven, who got pretty excited when I told them a new Tarzan movie was coming along. I promised to take them to see it. “Not only that,” I said, toying with a nugget of information I possessed, “there’s a brand-new Tarzan.” I was a little surprised by their reaction, expecting, as I was, something along the lines of “The King is dead. Long live the King.”

“It’s about time,” one of the boys said immediately.

“What do you mean, it’s about time?” I asked.

It was carefully explained to me that Lex Barker, who had played the apeman in the last five Tarzan pictures, had been getting pretty talky. “Tarzan isn’t supposed to say much,” I was told. “And he shouldn’t sound like he went to college.”

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