Missouri town swept away by flood (1912)

Town swept away by flood – life loss is heavy, says report

Memphis, Tenn., April 2 – An unconfirmed report received here today says that the town of New Madrid, Missouri, was swept away by the Mississippi River during the night with great loss of life.

All attempts made to get into communication with New Madrid today failed, and it is feared that the report is true.

The flood crisis is expected in the lower Mississippi River within 48 hours. The people of the valley are fleeing from the lowlands back of the levees.

The river rose a foot at Memphis in the last 24 hours. The levees here are strained to the breaking point. Memphis has a 42-foot stage today. Levee engineers say that a 44-foot stage will sweep away the great St Francis levee, which protects an area as large as the state of Rhode Island.


Photo: H E Frederickson, an Omaha automobile dealer, rescuing Miss Florence Robinson, the wealthiest girl in Waterloo, Nebraska, in the good old-fashioned way.

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