Allow men at women’s basketball games? (1916)

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Worcester basketball girls: Allow men at games

The wrangle over male spectators being barred from high school girls’ basketball games goes right down to plain language.

Dr P J Carney, one of the three members of the school subcommittee on health and sanitation, which issued the order, said:

“Last year, a number of men and boys from outside attended the games, and it was our understanding that they went merely for the purpose of staring at the girls in uniform.”

But Miss Mary Powers, captain of last year’s Classical High team and member of this year’s Classical Alumni team, said, “The girl’s costumes are sensible and sufficiently modest.”

Miss Powers adds that many stage costume are far more objectionable than the basketball rigs. Petitions against the ruling signed by pupils, teachers and parents are now before the school committee.

The girls and their supporters declare confidently that the full board will overrule the subcommittee.

Left to right: Mary Powers, one of the star players on the Classical High School graduate team; Ruth Eaton, forward on North High School team; and Eunice Duffy, center of the South High School five.

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