Long Island: Vacation paradise (1914)

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Want to see for yourself just how much things have changed — or not? Lucky modern-day citizens can view or download a free PDF version of the 1914 Long Island and Real Life brochure online here. For comparison, take a look at today’s Long Island Travel Guide.

Long Island: Vacation paradise (1914)

A thousand summer joys for the vacationist

Rugged hills, grassy valleys, babbling streams, quiet bays, dusky woods, the surging surf

Such are some of the charms of Long Island

Long Island: Vacation paradise (1914)The cool sea breezes which sweep over Long Island make comfortable the nights and lend invigorating dash to every imaginable summer pastime during the day.

If you are sport hungry join the happy folk following the gutta-percha ball over green, rolling links; go with the old weatherbeaten Capt’n on his sloop to the favorite fishing haunts; take a romp on white, sandy beaches or a plunge in the surf; play a set or two of tennis at one of the many country clubs; paddle a canoe or sail a boat on one of the picturesque bays. This is the real vacation spirit, and Long Island is brimming with it.

In the evening fishermen and hunters, with their old clothes and cigars, swap yarns in blissful peace, while through the windows on the clean salt breeze come the stains of the orchestra, and with it, keeping time, footsteps in the brilliantly lighted ballroom. Every one closes a day of pleasure in the way each finds pleasantest. Such is the versatility of Long Island’s hospitality.

Your summer plans

If you love the country and are sport hungry, before making your plans for the summer or vacation, get a copy of “Long Island and Real Life,” FREE at LIRR ticket offices, 170 B’way, Fifth Ave. Bldg, (5th Ave. and 23d St.) and 153 W 125th St., NY, or send ten cents… and a copy will be mailed.

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