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Here is an old-time recipe for roll jelly-cake, or “jelly roll,” as it was called.

Ingredients: Three eggs, one and one-half cups of sugar, grated yellow rind of one lemon, one tablespoonful of lemon juice, one-half cup of cold water, one and one-half cups of flour, one half teaspoonful of saleratus (cooking soda), and one slightly rounded teaspoonful of cream tartar.

Directions: Beat the eggs; gradually beat in the sugar and grated rind of lemon, then add the flour already sifted twice with the cream tartar and soda, alternating with the water. Beat until perfectly smooth, adding the lemon juice. Pour the batter into one or more shallow baking pans, well-buttered. Bake.

When done, turn the pan upside down on a cloth a little larger than the cake, and trim off the four edges of the cake, which are crusty and break in rolling. Have a tumblerful of jelly beaten smooth with a silver fork, and spread the jelly over the cake. Keeping the cloth between the fingers and the cake, roll the cake over and over, and leave the roll in the cloth. The cake should be thin in depth that it may roll nicely. Slice with a sharp knife across the roll when wanted to serve.

For the icing: One of the nicest frostings is the cooked cream frosting. It is inexpensive.

If frosting is not cooked long enough, it will run from the cake, and this may be overcome by setting the dish containing the frosting in a pan of boiling water over the fire and beat while it cooks more. If cooked too long, it will be too hard to spread. This may be remedied by adding a few drops of lemon juice or a little cream of tartar, or a teaspoonful of boiling water. Experience is the best teacher, if care and attention is given.

One of the best chocolate fudge (frostings) is made with half a cup of milk and two ounces of chocolate, two cups of sugar, one-fourth cup of corn syrup to keep the sugar from granulating too quickly, with a teaspoonful of butter. If more than this amount of liquids is used, the fudge has to be cooked too long.

Jelly roll cake with strawberries photo by ewige

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