How to decorate the new ice creams

Oolong frappé a la chrysanthemum
Lemon ice is colored and additionally flavored with a strong infusion of tea. The novel decoration represents a chrysanthemum, the petals being strips of crystallized orange peel, and the center a deep yellow bonbon.

Pistachio ice cream
Pistachio ice cream, decorated with white candy hearts and a candied cherry in the center, makes a very attractive dessert.

Sunset glow
A pyramid of ice cream and ices in is many colors as possible is topped by a fleecy ”cloud” and maple ice creams. Lemon, orange and raspberry ices make up the combination.

Ice cream croquette with peas
Vanilla ice cream is shaped in croquette mold, coated with grated chocolate macaroons and served on a bed of whipped cream garnished with pieces of pistachio nuts or small green candies. Bits of pistachio nuts top the cone.

Dawn of morning
Vanilla ice cream, into which fragments of candied violets and pink rose petals have been frozen, is served in a sundae glass. On the plate underneath, arrange pink candy rose petals, each containing a bit of roseleaf preserve.

Black-eyed Susan
The lower part of a sundae glass is filled with chocolate ice cream, and the upper part with vanilla ice cream. The top is then decorated with a “Black-eyed Susan,” having unblanched almonds for the petals and a chocolate cream for the center.

Pistachio nest
A nest of pistachio ice cream is shaped in a soup ladle and the center scooped out with, a spoon. Three Jordan almonds are placed within and the nest is served on a bed of straw, represented by a bunch of crisscross crystallized orange peel cut in slivers.

Maple walnut cream in shells
One large spoon maple walnut ice cream is placed in a half open shell of meringue and is garnished with walnut meats. The serving plate is decorated with nasturtiums. Any other ice creams with fruits or flowers harmonizing would be pretty thus served.

American Beauty
Place preserved strawberries in the bottom of a parfait glass. Then fill the glass with alternate spoonfuls of vanilla and strawberry ice cream, the latter colored an American beauty shade with syrup from the preserves.

Winter memories
This ice is particularly dainty and good-looking. It consists of snow white mint sherbet, garnished with bits of green mint jelly and sprigs of fresh mint leaves dusted with powdered sugar.

Fruits and flowers
A glass basket is filled with peach ice cream covered with slivers of fresh fruits. A wreath of crystallized violets is placed around the edge of the ice cream, and a single violet surmounts the rosette of whipped cream in the center.

Snow flurry
Cover a mound of lemon ice with thin slices of assorted fresh fruits and decorate with fresh or candied cherries. Over the whole, toss grated fresh coconut, letting it drift lightly around the base of the mound.

Peach imperial
On the apex of a mound of peach ice cream is placed half a fresh peach, the cut surface being sprinkled with powdered sugar and the hollow filled with raspberry ice. Extending downward from the base of the peach are leaves of angelica arranged in pairs.

Brown ice cream
The cream may be shaped into a miniature haystack and browned coconut, and a little rake is stuck into the side.



Recipes from Miss G Downs, 4508 West Street, Oakland

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