Perfect Parker House rolls

At night, pour one pint of lukewarm milk over two tablespoons of sugar, and two of lard. Add a little salt, one quart of flour, half cup bakers’ and one cup of homemade yeast. Stir well; let raise till morning, when add one more quart of flour and knead for 10 minutes. Let raise till after noon, then knead another 10 minutes. Roll out half inch thick, cut out with biscuit cutter. Crease with floured knife; spread a pat of butter on one-half, fold over, pinch ends, brush with melted butter and set to raise till very light. Bake in hot oven 20 minutes.

Lady Washington

Pare and slice one large potato, boil in half pint water till tender, then mash in water, adding one tablespoon sugar, one of butter, two of flour, one teaspoon salt and half cup strong yeast. Mix well, set in warm place to raise. When light, stir into batter one well-beaten egg, one-half pint sweet milk, three pints sifted flour. Knead well, set to raise. When light, make into oblong rolls, dip in melted butter, let raise half hour. Bake in very hot oven.

Norfolk Sally Lunn

Three pints flour, six eggs, four ounces butter, one-half pint yeast, one pint milk. Melt butter, but do not boil it. Mix well-beaten eggs with flour, put all ingredients together, beat well, put in baking pan and let raise till morning. Bake in steady oven for three-quarters of an hour. For tea, let raise six hours.

English tea cakes

One quart flour, one cake compressed yeast (or one cup liquid yeast), two eggs, three-quarters cup butter, one teaspoon sugar, salt, one pint milk. Warm flour, dissolve butter in warm milk. Stir well-beaten eggs in yeast. Mix batter well, add enough more flour to make firm dough, and knead well. Let raise three hours, then knead again. Divide into eight pieces, roll out as large as small plate, set on buttered tins and place in warm place to raise. When very light, bake 20 minutes in good oven. Turn out, split with fork, butter liberally. Pile one on another. Begin at 7 am for afternoon tea.

English luncheon cake

Two pounds flour, six ounces butter, four of lard, one pound currants, one-half pound of stoned and cut raisins, one-quarter of mixed candied peel, one-half pound brown sugar, three eggs, three-quarters pint cold milk, two teaspoons yeast powder. Mix the latter with the flour, rub in butter and lard, add currants, raisins, peel, sugar, mix well, then moisten with eggs and milk; beat well. Line a large pan or small milkpan with buttered paper. Put in cake and bake in good oven from two and a quarter to two and three-quarter hours.

White fruit cake to be thankful for

One pound of sugar, three-quarters of a pound of butter, one pound of flour, one dozen eggs (whites only); one pound of citron, three pounds sweet almonds, blanched and chopped fine; two pounds grated coconut, one-half pound grated pineapple, one level teaspoon soda, one glass brandy or white wine. After mixing the cake, slice three bananas and stir lightly in. Bake and ice, as any other cake.


Recipes from Mrs Ballard, The Kennels, Creston / Top photo: The Manx Hotel at 225 Powell Street (Union Square) in 1911

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Source publication date: 3 December 1911

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