Helpful hint: Write a note (1918)

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An aid to memory

After writing a letter, unless one desires to mail it at once, place it at the threshold of the room or place it at the head of stairway, so when next time you go downstairs you will not fail to see it. This idea applies to any book or any article one wishes to take either up or down stairs.

If I desire to ask my maids to do something not demanding immediate attention, I write on a slip of paper and place it on the back stairs, where they will not fail to see it. This method is a wonderful time saver, serving the double purpose of keeping me from waiting for the maid to answer, and also gives them from breaking off their work to reply to me.

If I wish to give some order for breakfast, I simply write a note, leave it on the back stairs so that the cook will read it, and the deed is done without fuss or loss of time.

This plan I carry out when dressing to go shopping or calling. As I think of things I want to take with me, I put them at the door of my room, where I cannot possibly get out without walking over them.

– Mrs A R A, Jersey City, NJ


Photo: Woman standing behind vase with flowers, from a Libbey Glass Company ad (January 1918) – Courtesy LOC

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