Ham savory recipe

Beat the yolks of six eggs to a paste with one tablespoon soft butter, one half teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, a good sized pinch cayenne pepper and mace, a little salt and enough peanuts (ground fine) to make one cupful. Mix all together well and cut thin slices of ham (slanting) from the roll. Spread over the slices the mixture. Attach with small skewers or toothpicks and lay in a small casserole.

In a frying pan, put two heaping tablespoons butter, a piece of garlic (chopped very fine), and cook one minute; then add one heaping tablespoon flour and cook slowly until a nice brown. Then add one pint cold water and stir smooth. Strain this over ham with a good shake of tabasco, onion juice, a pinch of cloves and a bay leaf. Then add one cup apple cider. Salt to suit, cover, put in oven and cook 30 minutes.

Serve the ham on slices of toast with gravy or on top of boiled and seasoned macaroni. Very fine.

From Mrs Fred Whitney, 2048 Polk street, City

Baked ham with cider sauce recipe

Soak a ham several hours, then place it in a kettle with a half cup each sliced onion and carrot, two sprigs parsely, four cloves and one-half bay leaf. Cover with cold water and bring slowly to the boiling point. Let simmer until tender, which will take about four hours.

After two hours of cooking add one quart cider . Allow the ham to cool in the liquor and sprinkle with sugar and fine bread crumbs. Put dash of paprika over ham and every two inches insert a clove. Bake one hour in slow oven and serve with cider sauce made by melting three tablespoons butter, four tablespoons flour and pouring in gradually two cups ham liquor. Add four tablespoons cider. Pepper and salt.

From C A Eddy, College City, Colusa County, California

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Source publication date: February 16, 1913

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